Celebrating clinical trials day 2020

May 20th is Clinical Trials Day, a day to celebrate all of the people who conduct clinical trials and participate in research, and to give thanks for what they do every day to improve public health.

There are several reasons to consider participating in research studies: 

  • gain access to potential new treatments
  • advance research
  • help other people living with your condition
  • obtain care from top-tier research universities and facilities
  • receive compensation

If you’re considering joining a clinical trial, there are probably many questions running through your mind, from wondering about how medical research works to what your experience at a clinical trial site might look like. 

To assist in your decision-making process and ensure you have all the information you need, we’ve published a comprehensive resource guide for patients. We’ve included resources that:

  • explain how medical research works
  • bust clinical trial myths provide details on how to find and evaluate clinical trials
  • list questions to ask yourself and researchers about clinical trials
  • detail what to expect at a clinical trial screening
  • share personal clinical trial participation experiences 

Each section of the resource page includes an on-demand webinar as well as links to a variety of helpful blogs and websites. In addition, we continue to be inspired by patients, and we’re sharing some amazing stories we’ve heard along the way.