2014 Top Diabetes Health Voices and Blogs

At TrialReach, we believe that patient advocates are vitally important to the overall continuity of healthcare at a fundamental level. Last month we celebrated HIV activists and HIV bloggers by launching TrialReach’s “Top HIV Voices for 2014.” The response from these health advocates was amazing and humbling.  We also asked our own social media community to share with us the names of other blogs and communities deserving of the “#TopVoices” recognition by TrialReach.  Today, we continue that mission announcing our celebration of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes bloggers and online communities.

TrialReach.com’s “Top Diabetes Voices for 2014”

We asked one of our favourite voices in the diabetes community, Alexis Pollak from I Run on Insulin, to assist us in selecting an amazing mix of top voices. We chose Alexis for many reasons, but this statement on her blog sums it up pretty nicely: “Diabetes advocacy and supporting people with diabetes is my passion.”  Although she wasn’t promised anything for her assistance, she certainly embodies the type of advocates that we are highlighting. So thank you Alexis, and congratulations on making the list yourself!


The following blogs and digital influencers all share the commitment and focus to live a full and rewarding life with diabetes, while contributing to the much larger global diabetes online community.

Diabetes badge

  1. I Run on Insulin - Combining her passion and her career working for a diabetes device company, Alexis has created a very strong network around her, influencing others as a top voice for type 1 diabetes. “I hope this blog allows other people with diabetes and those that care about someone with diabetes to connect, to offer hope, to commiserate, to laugh, and to know that there are other people who get it.”
  2. Rolling in the D - Scott is ‘just a family man with Type 1 diabetes’ but you will quickly realize that this blog is full of personality and humor.  For proof, check out his popular “You Might Be A DOCaholic” blog.
  3. Sweet Success: Life with Diabetes - Kate is a PWD, Type 2.  “Does that define me? Yes and no. I’m so much more, but my blog is about life with diabetes.”
  4. Snack on a Bike - Florian is a German Type 1 diabetic trying to cycle more by offering tips for other cyclists.  This simply designed, but effective platform is rich with images making riding with him on his journey beautiful.
  5. The Butter Compartment - Lee Ann is an active Type 1 diabetes blogger and art therapist using her blog to share insightful posts about the mental health issues associated with diabetes.  What about the name of the blog?  It’s actually where she stores her insulin!
  6. Cranky Pancreas - Bea is a Colombian living in the greater Chicago area. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2001. She also writes for the Type 2 Experience.
  7. Despite My Pancreas - Jennifer was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 7.  This blog shares her adventures in running, cooking and eating with diabetes with honesty and personality.
  8. T minus 2 - Bob shares, among many other topics, his experience living with type 2 diabetes. Check out his popular, award-winning post “The Basis of Self-Esteem.”
  9. Six Until Me - Living with Type 1 diabetes, Kerri is also an author and blogger.  Simply stated, she shares “diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.”
  10. Scott’s Diabetes - Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Scott shares that he recognizes “the incredible mental struggle of living with diabetes.”  He also co-hosts internet radio broadcast DSMA Live!
  11. Diabetes Ramblings - Sue is a mother of five, wife of one, and a type 2 diabetic blogger. One of her latest blog posts shares what mobile apps she uses to help manage her condition.  And Sue, we love the name change! Congratulations!
  12. Diabetes Mine - “This site was created by patients for patients as a ‘diabetes newspaper with a personal twist.’” Founder and editor, Amy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 2003 and uses her experience in digital media and journalism to lead this fantastic and deeply insightful, innovative advocacy platform.
  13. D-Mom Blog - Leighann shares her experience of being a mother of a child living with type 1 diabetes (thus, the “d-mom” title) with other parents offering tips and a very deep resource and insight.  She also penned a book: Kids First, Diabetes Second.
  14. My Diabetic Heart - Mike shares his journey living with type 2 diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure. Through his honest blog he reminds us, “the important thing to remember is that no two people experience type 2 diabetes in the same way and, as such, what works for me may not work for you.”
  15. Diabetes Dad - Tom has been known as “Diabetes Dad” for years, even signing all of his blog posts with “I am a diabetes dad.” One recent post acknowledges his social reach-- saying he received not hundreds, but “thousands” of messages of support after he shared that he wasn’t having the best day.  His reaction: “Just wow!”
  16. The Angry Type 2 Diabetic - Lizmari is a type 2 diabetes blogger and although her blog name may lend itself to a bit of dismal impression, she promises “I’m not really THAT angry; just some of the time.”  We do love The Moldy Cupcake Award given to those that perpetuate misinformation in the diabetes health community.
  17. This is Caleb - Lorraine shares her stories and the journey of her son, Caleb, who lives with type 1 diabetes.  She started this resourceful blog for parents of those newly diagnosed and she “happy to reach out to them, to provide support and share our experiences.”
  18. Diabetes Sisters - Through their sisterTALK section, Diabetes Sisters host an “outstanding network of women who share their thoughts and feelings about the nuances of living with diabetes in weekly blogs.” Be sure to check out their type 2 diabetes section.
  19. Curemoll - This blog is a “‘life of a diabetic’ and personal/music blog of Mollie Singer and twin sister and Diabetic Angel, Jackie. Normally, Mollie writes about her daily life as a diabetic, how-to tutorials about diabetes, insulin pumps, sensors, etc, and music related blog posts.’”  Mollie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 4.
  20. College Diabetes Network - As a resource for college students living with type 1 diabetes, “CDN’s mission is to empower and improve the lives of students… through peer support and access to information and resources.”
  21. Diagnosed Not Defeated - By bringing the African American perspective to the diabetes online conversation, Dr. P’s blog is a great resource for those living with type 2 diabetes. She also is the founder of Black Diabetic Info.
  22. Shell’s Journey - Living with type 2 diabetes, this Australian mum of two wants to “give others hope that it can be controlled and it isn’t a “life Sentence” if you do the right thing.” Her latest blog post is honest and you should read it: Life Can Give You Many Up’s and Down’s.
  23. The Dirty Diabetic - This cleverly funny and poking type 2 diabetes blog recognizes that we aren’t all perfect.  So much so that the author of this blog shares “pictures of all the things we can’t have anymore and a confessions page about cheating on your diabetic diet.”
  24. My Diabetes and Me - Shannon, a type 2 diabetic from Tennessee has the camo and feisty Southern personality that we would expect.  The great surprise is her blunt, realistic view of her journey living with diabetes and she proudly shares her weightloss success as the header.  Great job, Shannon!
  25. Diabetes CGM Blog - Dave, a type 2 diabetic and guru for CGM-Continuous Glucose Monitors, shares his thoughts and experiences on his journey living with diabetes.  Want to nerd out on all the gadgets, be sure to visit this blog.
  26. Rich the Diabetic - Rich lives with type 1 diabetes and is very active in the diabetes community online.  His blog also includes one unique page that helps navigate the sometimes confusing array of Twitter hashtags [ #dblog for example ].