Inspire Recruit: A New Patient Recruitment Model, in Partnership with Inspire

Today, we announced that we’ve teamed up with Inspire, the leading healthcare social network, to tackle a key problem in the clinical trials space: nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment timelines, substantially slowing medical research.

Inspire Recruit is a new patient engagement solution that provides trial recruitment expertise from end-to-end to address two key problem drivers:

  1. Awareness: Not enough patients know about clinical trials
  2. Journey: Trial volunteers have difficulty finding and enrolling in studies right for them

Here, we’ll explore how Inspire Recruit addresses these familiar challenges in our industry.

Clinical trial awareness

In an NIH survey, 85% of patients surveyed were either “unaware or unsure that participation in a clinical trial was an option at the time of diagnosis.” Of those patients, 75% said that they would have been willing to participate if they had known a trial was an option.

These missed opportunities make it clear that engaging patients is key to successful patient recruitment.

Inspire’s network of 1.2 million patients across 3,600 therapeutic areas is one of the most active patient communities online. Collectively, members post over 4,000 times a day to connect with others with the same diagnosis, which can be quite difficult otherwise, especially for patients with rare disease or a particular genetic mutation. Patients and caregivers share insights, including illness experiences, treatment choices, and clinical trial opportunities.

Inspire Recruit will notify members of the community when new clinical trial options are available with a clear call to action for interested volunteers.

The patient journey

To enroll all trials on, 1 in every 200 Americans would need to enroll as a study participant. Unfortunately, even for the proactive volunteer, finding and enrolling in a study isn’t easy today.

According to a 2017 survey by CISCRP on perceptions of clinical research (n=12,427 people), “ almost 40% of the public are not very confident they would find a clinical study that is right for them.”

There are simply not enough resources for patients.

Furthermore, industry benchmark data suggests that out of 100 interested patients, only 9 patients typically enroll. This ratio, which may even be an overestimate, is typically due to ineffective patient outreach and inefficient pre-screening processes – in combination with eligibility criteria that may not match real world populations.

Each day that goes by is money wasted to a trial sponsor. For a patient, it’s more time to wait for new and better treatments.

How do we tackle?

Inspire Recruit brings together Inspire’s community of over a million engaged patients and caregivers with Antidote’s effective patient recruitment platform and services to provide:

  • Unique access to engaged and pre-qualified patient populations across 3,600 medical conditions
  • Highly efficient pre-screening technology
  • Effective referral management, such as concierge services to help patients navigate the journey to enrollment
  • Pre-trial insights for patient-centric protocol design, feasibility, and recruitment planning

Inspire Recruit will offer sponsors and CROs custom microsites and pre-screeners, advanced eligibility matching technology, phone validation, site coordination, and more. Additionally, as part of the partnership, Antidote and Inspire will seek opportunities to match patients to trials using Antidote Match™, a clinical trial search engine that dynamically screens patients for one, many, or all trials at once.

We want to make it as easy as possible for patients to find trials right for them, and we hope you’ll join us. To learn more about Inspire Recruit, you can read our press release here and contact us below.