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Antidote Base uses cutting-edge technologies to help researchers and patients find a better way to connect.

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Millions of patients search for trials through Antidote.

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Use rich filters to find the right candidates for your trials based on verified data points.

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No more advertising, subscriptions or other fixed fees. You only pay on successful connections. 


They're doing something really special for the medical community

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator, PMG Research See the Video
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What people are saying

The patients we contact through Antidote Base are patients who are really interested in our study. You don’t have to reach out to them and convince them...It changes the whole interaction.

Sergiu Lupea Study Coordinator, Independent Site

We have seen a high rate of success with this patient-faced platform, which can be attributed to the adoption of the matching tool within patient communities. Base patients are already engaged and willing to consider clinical research as a care option.

Associate Director of Communications Site Network

Our site's experience with Antidote Base was a very positive one...The team at Antidote was very helpful in instructions on how to maneuver the platform and were always readily available to answer questions if any of us here at the site were seeking guidance.

AJ Wagoner Study Coordinator, Independent Site