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Antidote Base uses cutting-edge technology to connect clinical trial sites with engaged, qualified patients.

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Questions? base@antidote.me or call us at +1 (888) 509 1308


They're doing something really special for the medical community

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator, PMG Research See the Video
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What people are saying

The patients we contact through Antidote Base are patients who are really interested in our study. You don’t have to reach out to them and convince them...It changes the whole interaction.

Sergiu Lupea Study Coordinator, Independent Site

We have seen a high rate of success with this patient-faced platform, which can be attributed to the adoption of the matching tool within patient communities. Base patients are already engaged and willing to consider clinical research as a care option.

Associate Director of Communications Site Network

Our site's experience with Antidote Base was a very positive one...The team at Antidote was very helpful in instructions on how to maneuver the platform and were always readily available to answer questions if any of us here at the site were seeking guidance.

AJ Wagoner Study Coordinator, Independent Site

Antidote Base has helped our efforts by increasing our number of subjects screened/randomized and reducing the amount of time spent mass recruiting.

Ana Roosen Recruitment Manager, Independent Site
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What is Antidote Base?

Antidote Base is a product that provides sites immediate access to engaged patients who are actively interested in clinical trial participation. These patients have searched for clinical trials on Antidote’s unique network of 270+ nonprofit and health websites. Sites can select  patients based on details about their health, ensuring high-quality referrals and a smooth recruitment process.

How does Antidote collect patient data?

Patient data points are surfaced through Antidote Match, the first trial matching engine that uses structured eligibility criteria, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning to explore a patient’s eligibility for every trial. Patients answer a handful of questions about their health, and the Match engine scans thousands of clinical trials to provide the right studies in their neighborhood. If there are no matches, the patient can opt in to the Antidote database and sites are welcome to contact them through Base.

What data points are available for each patient?

Because Antidote’s data points come from patients answering questions while searching for trials, data varies based on how many questions the patient has answered. On average, Antidote is able to provide 12 data points on each patient. 

How much does Antidote Base cost?

Antidote Base is priced per patient connection. Sites are charged only when a patient responds with interest to an invitation to take part in a trial. Pricing per connection varies based on therapeutic area. 

How do sites pay for patient connections?

Currently, Antidote invoices sites for connections at the end of the month. In a few months,  this will change and a site’s credit card will be charged each time a patient connection is made. 

What if a site can’t reach a patient who agrees to connect?

Antidote always wants to hear feedback about patient connections, and understands that there will be some patients who are unresponsive to a site’s outreach, even after agreeing to be contacted. While Antidote cannot issue refunds for such patients, sites having trouble contacting a patient connection can contact Antidote for support by emailing base@antidote.me

How do patient credits work?

In certain situations (such as a site experiences an unusually high proportion of unresponsive patients), Antidote may issue credits. A patient credit means that the next patient connection will be free. 

What if a patient is already in a site’s database?

Antidote understands that sites use many different avenues to recruit patients, and that there may be some overlap between the patients available through Antidote Base and the patients already in a site’s database. For now, if a site connects with a patient who ends up being in their database already, Antidote is happy to issue a credit to replace that patient. Documentation to verify that that patient was in the site’s database prior to Antidote making the connection will be required.

Can the patients in Antidote’s database be contacted by more than one site?
Once a patient is in process at a particular site, they are removed from the list of potential patients shown to other sites. If a patient declines an invitation to connect, they are added back to Antidote Base for any site to select for contact.
What if a site needs more patients than Antidote has available?

Sites can send an email to base@antidote.me with information about how many more patient connections are needed and over what timeframe. Antidote cannot guarantee additional patients, but will endeavor to provide more patient connections through its network.

Questions? base@antidote.me or call us at +1 (888) 509 1308