How we achieved a 72% randomization rate for a recent presbyopia trial [patient recruitment case study]

It’s common for people to have trouble seeing things close up as they age — this condition is called presbyopia, and it affects millions of people in the United States. Whether it’s reading a menu with ease or not having to strain to look at a phone screen, treatments for this condition can greatly improve the quality of life for those impacted.

When a top-5 pharmaceutical company approached us about a trial involving an investigational eye drop treatment, we designed a fully customized, digital-first recruitment strategy to find eligible patients to participate. With our knowledge of digital marketing solutions for clinical trial recruitment, we were quickly able to perform population research, write tailored messaging, and create data-driven identifiers to find interested participants.

Through a user-friendly prescreener and a phone validation, we ensured the quality of our patient referrals, enabling Antidote to deliver 23 randomizations at a 72% randomization rate. Ultimately, the trial hit its recruitment goal 1.5 months ahead of schedule.