How Does Clinical Trial Recruitment Software Work?

Clinical trial patient recruitment software can help trial sponsors and research sites connect with patients for clinical trials and track their enrollment into a study. Because clinical trial recruitment software is a relatively new piece of clinical trial technology, research sites and drug sponsors can take advantage of tech-savvy features that make it easier than ever to connect with patients ... Read more

5 Ways to Make Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials Easier

Successfully enrolling patients for a clinical trial is a daunting task, with several different steps and opportunities for patients to change their mind about participating. While the decision to participate is always completely up to the patient, a personalized approach to recruitment and enrollment, focused on the patient experience, can improve the process and make it more likely patients ... Read more

5 Digital Patient Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

If there is one thing that never changes in patient recruitment, it's that things always change, and 2018 saw some very big changes in digital. Read more

What’s Next for Lung Cancer Research?

A lot has changed since the Lung Cancer Foundation of America was founded around 10 years ago by two lung cancer survivors and a lung cancer widow. Today, the LCFA funds some of the most innovative research projects in the space, like the role of the microbiome in immunotherapy. Read more

How ePRO Can Create a Holistic View of Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a complex condition that is influenced by environmental, social, behavioral, and emotional elements. These psychosocial factors can make it difficult to improve both physical health and psychological wellbeing. People living with diabetes regularly require customized, multifaceted self-management support to encourage achieving personal health goals. Self-management is the cornerstone ... Read more

5 Clinical Trial Advertising Services to Boost Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment companies offer a range of advertising services that can help speed up enrollment for your trial. While some trial sponsors, research sites, and CROs opt for full-service offerings from recruitment agencies, you may also choose support for a particular element of your campaign. For example, a research site or CRO may have one team create ad copy but need support with ... Read more

Do Clinical Trials Pay for Travel?

Clinical trials can't move forward without volunteers – but sometimes, clinical trial volunteers have trouble getting to the trials. In one survey, 23% of patients named distance as the top reason they weren't interested in joining a clinical trial. Compensation for travel or other patient travel services can help make it easier for patients to take part in research. Read more

In It Together: Encouraging Greater Participation in Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials

Prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's disease can only happen with the generosity and commitment of volunteers enrolling in clinical trials. Read more

Patient Advocacy Groups are Banding Together – Why That’s a Good Thing

Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards is Director of Partnerships and Distribution at Antidote. She works with health nonprofits and patient advocates to connect their communities with research. Read more

Does Emotion-Based Marketing Work for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment?

Patients are more likely to take action for their health after seeing ads that trigger fear and hope, according to new research in the 2018 Wunderman Health Inertia Study. While healthcare marketers typically jump at the chance to test out new research findings with their own audience, those who communicate clinical trial opportunities to patients may pause. Read more