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Frequently asked questions

  • Will I be compensated for participating in a clinical trial?

    Some clinical trials will cover your travel expenses and other expenses you may incur from participation. Other trials also offer additional compensation. Earlier stage trials are more likely to be paid, but Phase II and Phase III trials can sometimes offer compensation, too. Ask the study team before joining.

  • What if I'm rejected from a clinical trial I'm interested in?

    Every clinical trial has unique inclusion and exclusion criteria. If you don't qualify for one trial you're interested in, you may qualify for another in your area. You can also fill out your profile here to sign up for alerts from Antidote when new trials match your profile.

  • What if I receive a placebo?

    A placebo is a medication without any therapeutic effect that's used to compare against a study drug. Not all trials use placebos – for example, cancer trials rarely use them. Some trials measure a study drug against the standard of care for that condition, or against another treatment. Depending on the trial, you may be able to stay on your current medication, too.

  • Will I be able to stay on the study drug after the trial is complete?

    In some trials, you are able to continue taking the study drug at the end of the trial. Ask the study team before you join the trial.

  • Can I quit a clinical trial once it starts?

    Yes, even after you sign your informed consent form, you can still leave a clinical trial at any time, for any reason.

  • How much time does it take to participate in a clinical trial?

    Time commitment varies across clinical trials. While some trials may include weekly site visits or overnight stays, others may only require short visits every few weeks or months. Make sure you find out about time commitment as part of the informed consent process.

    Medical research can't move forward without clinical trial volunteers. If you're ready to get involved, start searching for a trial that matches you today.

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