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Who you are

Who you are

A health nonprofit, patient blogger, publisher, patient technology company, or other healthcare leader committed to research progress.

Who we are

Who we are

A precision recruitment company that connects patients with research and educational resources through digital marketing and our partner network.

Benefits of becoming our partner:

Nonprofits and publishers:

  • Receive free, dynamic content for your site that requires no expertise to install or use
  • Give your community access to the latest treatments in development
  • Collaborate with Antidote’s marketing experts on engagement campaigns
  • Be showcased as the leader you are in this industry
  • Gain insights into performance for easy reporting on impact to your Board and funders
  • Potential to join forces on clinical trial patient recruitment projects that reflect your values and support your commitment to moving research forward

Patient technology companies and other healthcare leaders:

  • Access new business opportunities by working together with expert digital marketers and leaders in life science from Antidote
  • Demonstrate patient centricity by connecting interested patients with research opportunities
  • Be a part of closing the gap between patients and research

Partner testimonials

“Clinical trials offer patients the chance to receive treatment which may otherwise not be available, and also help promote general knowledge or treatment of a specific condition that may benefit other patients.”
Joseph Vassalotti, MD Chief Medical Officer, National Kidney Foundation
“Offering the Clinical Trials Connection tool is a way that JDRF is helping researchers find the volunteers they need for trials to succeed, and helping the type 1 diabetes community find opportunities to participate in breakthrough research.”
Aaron Kowalski President & CEO, JDRF
“Our partnership with Antidote helps further Healthline’s vision to create a stronger, healthier world. Each person we help enroll in clinical trials through our partnership is one life changed and one step closer to a cure.”
Tracy Rosecrans SVP of Marketing & Product, Healthline

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