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The Connect Network is a community of health portals, non-profit organizations, patient advocates, and influencers who believe there can be no breakthroughs, no new treatments or cures, without people taking part in research.

Connect members embed the Antidote Match search engine on their websites, empowering their website visitors to discover research options and connect to the medical teams that can make those options reality. Adding Match to a webpage is easy and free; simply copy-and-paste a script we provide. There are currently hundreds of Connect partners, reaching millions of patients per month.

As a member of our Connect Network, you can help us build a world of clarity, accessibility, and better health for all.

Hetlena Johnson

Patient lives are affected by change. I believe that good health is only achieved by the willingness to be a part of that change. Can we truly ask for a solution, a cure, or good medicine without being a willing participant?

Hetlena Johnson The Lupus Liar, a Blog Community

See what Antidote’s free, patient-friendly search tool can do for your community. Our tool is easy-to-install, compliant, and updated regularly so your users always have access to cutting-edge research. Get Involved.

Connect Network in action

Clinical trials offer patients the chance to receive treatment which may otherwise not be available, and also help promote general knowledge or treatment of a specific condition that may benefit other patients.

Joseph Vassalotti, MD Chief Medical Officer

Offering the Clinical Trials Connection tool is a way that JDRF is helping researchers find the volunteers they need for trials to succeed, and helping the type 1 diabetes community find opportunities to participate in breakthrough research.

Derek Rapp President & CEO

Our partnership with Antidote helps further Healthline’s vision to create a stronger, healthier world. Each person we help enroll in clinical trials through our partnership is one life changed and one step closer to a cure.

Tracy Rosecrans SVP of Marketing & Product

A few of our Partners

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