5 Clinical Trial Project Management Courses to Consider

Clinical trial project management is an important part of keeping trials on track and on budget, but project managers aren't always given the resources they need to succeed. Some see project management as simply a soft skill, but it's actually a complex discipline that can benefit from formal training programs.

We gathered a list of clinical trial-specific and general project management courses available online that you can consider to build your skills before your next trial. Many of the courses are conducted online, or are hybrid programs with both online classes and in-person workshops. Of course, there are many other programs and courses available, and we urge you to do your own research as well before committing to one.

1. Project Management for Clinical Research Professionals from ACRP

This course, which is only available to organizations, offers training on specific project management skills used by study sponsors and CROs. In two days, you'll learn how to take control of your projects by improving timeline design and management, enhancingimproving documentation, and other key skills.

2. Certificate in Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials Management (Online)

This is a year-long certificate program designed for professionals in the bioscience and pharmaceutical industries, as well as engineering and science graduate students. The online program includes classes on drug development and discovery, as well as business classes on marketing and project management.

3. Project Management Certificate Program from DIA

DIA, a global organization for life science professionals, offers a certificate program in project management specific to clinical research professionals. In addition to courses on project management, including conflict management and planning a budget, you'll also take courses on drug development and adverse event reporting.

4. Project Management Certificate Program

The Pharmaceutical Education & Research Institute offers a certificate program in project management for clinical research professionals. The program offers courses in drug development, project management in the research-based pharmaceutical industry, statistical concepts used in clinical trials, and other relevant classes.

5. Project Management Professional Certification 

Though a general certification, this course offered by the Project Management Institute is well-respected in the professional world, and offers training in many skills that can be applied to clinical trial management. You'll learn about project scope, resource management, communication skills and more.

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