Antidote’s Laurent Schockmel Recognized as a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer

We’re thrilled to share that our CEO, Laurent Schockmel, has been named a top 40 Healthcare Transformer by Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M). This honor is given to visionaries driving innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology, and it’s exciting to see Laurent in such great company.

Laurent took the helm as CEO of Antidote in 2018 with the objective of harnessing our technology to improve the way that researchers recruit patients. The goal: match patients across a program or portfolio of studies, not just one.

As treatments become more precise and clinical trials become more complex, single-trial recruitment means that the likelihood of a patient qualifying for the trial is low. If they are not eligible, there is no next step. Antidote's technology-driven program-level recruitment means that patients can be screened across multiple trials in a particular trial program.

This approach offers pharma companies and other trial sponsors massive cost savings and provides patients with a far less frustrating clinical trial search experience since they are more likely to qualify. It’s already transforming the way researchers connect with patients and we believe it's the reason Laurent has been honored as a Healthcare Transformer.