Insights from 3,600 chronic kidney disease patients [whitepaper]

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a medical condition that occurs when the kidneys experience a gradual loss of functioning that inhibits their ability to filter blood. It is estimated to impact over 37 million Americans, and millions more are at an increased risk.

Despite the widespread impact of CKD, the therapeutic options for patients are limited. Because there is no specific medicine to treat kidney disease, patients must instead concentrate on addressing the related health problems to slow the rate at which additional damage occurs.

The impact of a CKD diagnosis on an individual is life-changing, but new research offers hope for potential breakthroughs. As of April 2023, there were more than 162 active CKD studies underway. Through our experience recruiting for these studies, we have amassed a dataset of over 3,600 patients in our database, providing us with valuable insights that can be used to develop future trial designs and recruitment strategies. In this whitepaper, we use that dataset to analyze the demographics of CKD patients, including location, race, gender, age, and more. To see what we’ve learned, get the whitepaper today.