How patient lead generation can accelerate clinical trial patient recruitment [patient recruitment case study]

Postoperative Corneal Induced Chronic Pain (also known as CICP) is a condition that causes chronic pain and blurred vision after eye surgery. For the 300,000 people who experience this, effective treatments could drastically improve their quality of life. 

This case study is a little different than most. Our client, a large pharmaceutical company, was still in planning stages for a CICP trial, with sites not quite ready to launch. But, our client wanted to be ready to hit the ground running at launch. Antidote proposed a novel approach: a patient lead generation and re-engagement campaign

This innovative strategy meant that Antidote built a pool of patients interested in taking part in the trial prior to the trial kicking off. At study launch, we re-engaged those patients, further evaluating eligibility and sending interested and qualified patients to sites. In the end, Antidote built a queue of nearly 300 patients for the study, and was able to send 32 referrals to sites in just one month of recruitment — proving that layering in lead generation and re-engagement can go a long way to accelerate the recruitment process.