How We Delivered 60% of All US Randomizations in a Recent Trial [Case Study]

Primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) is an autoimmune condition that causes progressive destruction of the bile ducts. Current treatment options focus on delaying progression and managing complications, but it can be difficult to live with the symptoms, like fatigue, itchy skin, and pain, as well.

That’s why we were excited to successfully deliver on recruitment for a recent client running a trial for an investigational treatment for PBC symptoms. We were brought on more than halfway through the recruitment timeline, and immediately got to work developing a customized precision recruitment approach for this client. 

This approach included market research to inform messaging and outreach channel selections, pre-screener development, active engagement of our diverse network of partners, smart digital outreach, thorough phone screening, and hands-on site follow-up services. In the end, we received two extensions based on performance and were proud to deliver nearly 60% of all randomizations in the US.