How we cut our expected referral timeline in half [patient recruitment case study]

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive disease that causes scarring of the lungs. Over time, the scarring worsens and it can become difficult to breathe. IPF has no cure and limited treatment options, making clinical research especially critical.

In this case study, a pharma company approached Antidote to identify 600 IPF patients who would be eligible for their study in just six months.

We used our precision recruitment model, including thoughtful targeting, to ensure we reached IPF patients (versus those with other more common, similar diseases). Our strategy included conducting detailed market research to inform messaging, imagery, and outreach channel choices; creating a simple one-question screener (linking to the client’s trial website); reaching out to our database of IPF patients; and leveraging our extensive digital marketing expertise to run optimized campaigns.

In the case of this IPF study, our precision recruitment model resulted in a 65% eligibility rate and delivered 600 patients in half the requested time.