How we randomized 75 patients into a knee osteoarthritis clinical trial [case study]

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis that impacts the knee joint. It is a result of the knee cartilage progressively wearing away, which can lead to difficulty moving, stiffness, and weakness, all of which worsen with time. Knee OA makes up 80% of diagnosed osteoarthritis cases, impacting 19% of adults over the age of 45. 

A client working on an intra-articular shot to encourage cartilage regeneration in the knee joint approached Antidote about how to hit their enrollment goals quickly while keeping patients at the center.

In this case study, we detail how we re-engaged a specific patient population in addition to providing a pre-screener and phone validation for all participants — resulting in 75 randomized patients and one month saved. View it now to learn more about our process!