Leadership Profile: An Interview with Antidote CFO Keith Lovell

Keith Lovell joined Antidote as CFO in September 2015, bringing more than 25 years of financial and commercial experience at companies ranging from major blue chip organizations to startups. Prior to Antidote, he was employee number 30 at Shazam, and helped build it up to a billion dollar valuation. 

We caught up with him to hear more about his experience, why he joined Antidote four years ago, the differences in managing a small company versus a large one, and his key principles for success. Here are a few highlights:

On business growth: “It’s an old adage, but focus is really important...It’s really important for the management team in particular to make sure you are steering towards that North Star.” 

On managing a small business: “In a small business, every single role matters and when you make decisions you can usually see the impact of or the results of those decisions much more quickly...you’re in a speedboat so if you turn the wheel it turns very very quickly.”

On business principles: “I want to be known as somebody who will play the game hard but plays the game fair and does the right thing even if that thing is a tough thing. You treat everybody with respect — that’s nothing to do with job level, age, or whatever — you treat everybody with respect because it’s a team game.”

You can watch the full video below: 

Interview with Keith - Edited v2