How multiple sclerosis patients can inform outreach [whitepaper]

Multiple sclerosis, often shortened to MS, is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack the central nervous system. It is estimated that a million adults in the United States are living with this condition, and symptoms can include a variety of phenomena such as numbness, tingling, speech difficulties, tremors, vision issues, balance problems, and pain, all at varying degrees of severity and duration.

Because MS has no known cause and no known cure, research is vital to understand this condition and improve the lives of those who are impacted. However, to conduct studies successfully, researchers need patients to volunteer — which requires connecting with individuals who are likely to be good candidates for clinical trials.

In our latest whitepaper, we’re providing insights into the multiple sclerosis patient population that can advance this mission. Through surveying patients about their experiences with MS, what they hope to gain from research participation, and other common factors that may influence their outlook on clinical trials, we are sharing valuable information that can help sponsors connect with patients on a personal level — and ultimately, save time and money on research. To get your free copy, download the whitepaper through the link below.