Patient engagement during COVID-19 [whitepaper]

Does a health crisis change digital engagement behaviors? How should digital marketers respond?

In our latest whitepaper, we dive into the impact of COVID-19 impact on consumer behavior and digital marketing across various industries. We take a close look at digital engagement in the healthcare industry, particularly in regards to digital advertising for clinical trial patient recruitment. Overall, we see:

  • a 27% increase in engagement rate 
  • a 43% increase in registration rate
  • an 18% increase in unique clicks
  • a 53% decrease in advertising cost 

Based on a detailed analysis of these findings and more, we provide guidance on running a successful digital patient recruitment campaign in the time of COVID-19, including: 

  • review data closely to identify new opportunities and changes
  • be sensitive around messaging
  • watch the situation around your trial sites, and adjust accordingly
  • stay up-to-date with digital platform policy changes
  • plan for the future with pre-recruitment activity

It’s important to remember that eventually, life will go back to normal again. Maintaining meaningful patient engagement through this difficult time when patients are listening will be key to successful recruitment in the future.