After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Turning to Art – and Medical Research

Last year, we were privileged to meet Nina Beaty, a New Yorker who was fighting lung cancer. After receiving a diagnosis that typically comes with three to six months to live, she began looking for research studies in which she could take part. She ultimately enrolled in an immunotherapy clinical trial for her small cell lung cancer.

We filmed her as she was taking part in the trial, and were so inspired by her outlook, and the way she used art to express the thoughts and feelings that come along with living with lung cancer. We could keep writing about it, but it’s a story better told on video:

It’s been more than a year since she found out the immunotherapy research study worked. Now, we’re thrilled to share that Nina has launched a new app, available through iTunes and Google Play. They’re called EmPat stickers - animated emojis based on her real life as a cancer patient going through treatment. Best of all, part of the proceeds go to cancer organizations.
Check them out today!

Cancer stickers

And, if you’re interested in taking part in research studies, search today: