This Clinical Trials Day, Share Why You Support Medical Research

Today, May 20, is Clinical Trials Day. It's fair to say that most people probably haven't heard about this holiday, but here at Antidote, it's an opportunity to talk about why medical research matters – and celebrate the volunteers who make it possible.

New treatments simply can't reach patients without the support of clinical trial volunteers. Nearly 2 million patients volunteer for research every year, and help make better options a reality for patients like them.

While that number is impressive, many more volunteers are needed. Unfortunately, around 80% of clinical trials are slowed or delayed because of recruitment problems. Part of the issue is that many patients don't hear about clinical trial opportunities they may qualify for. Doctors typically don't have time or resources to share clinical trial information, and was created for researchers, not patients, making it challenging to navigate.

We created Antidote's clinical trial search to make it easier for patients to search for clinical trials they may qualify for, in their area, simply by answering a few questions first about their medical history. Today, thousands of patients connect with clinical trials each month using our tool.

If you support medical research, you can help spread the word about the importance of clinical trial volunteers – and how to get started finding the right clinical trial.

Today, share a Facebook post or tweet about why medical research matters to you. If you've participated, share your story with friends and family – it could make someone else feel more comfortable exploring their options. If you're living with a medical condition that needs better treatment options, share how important it is to accelerate that research.

And to everyone who has participated or signed up to learn more about your options, thank you. You're the reason millions of patients can live healthier, happier lives around the world.

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