Antidote’s insights from 7,000+ type 2 diabetes patients [one-pager]

Having a deep understanding of the patient population is key to successful recruiting for clinical trials — which is why Antidote takes discovering patient insights seriously. 

To better understand the type 2 diabetes (T2D) population, we recently analyzed a data set of over 7,000 opted-in patients with a variety of demographic backgrounds. We found out key information like average BMI, average HbA1c, and rates of comorbidities. We analyzed medication use by age, BMI, Hba1C value, and even race. 

Importantly, there are over 300 active studies in the United States focused on type 2 diabetes (T2D), many of which have eligibility criteria based on insulin use and HbA1c values. Our insights revealed that many patients reported not knowing their HbA1c values and not using insulin to manage their condition. By understanding key data such as this, sponsors can create better systems for designing and conducting successful studies. 

To learn more about our T2D patient insights, download the one-pager today.