Understanding Parkinson’s disease through Antidote’s database insights [whitepaper]

Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative brain disorder, impacts 10 million people across the world. Most commonly associated with tremors or shaking, it is a condition that significantly affects a person’s quality of life, and as of now, has no known cause. Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s are empowered to focus primarily on symptom management, which is typically done through medication and lifestyle changes. 

Recently, Antidote analyzed a dataset of nearly 6,000 Parkinson’s patients from our database in order to gain a better understanding of these patients and what research opportunities they may be eligible for. We learned valuable information regarding key patient demographics, medication usage, and lifestyle impacts, and examine how this data can be leveraged to increase research participation and design more patient-centric research opportunities. To learn more about how Antidote can use these findings to increase Parkinson’s disease clinical trial patient recruitment, download the whitepaper today.