[Webinar] We Asked 4,000 Patients about Clinical Trials: Here's What Matters Most

It’s no secret that recruiting patients for clinical trials can be a difficult endeavor. And, even when a trial meets its quotas and timelines, many still do not reflect real-world populations. So how can we better engage patients from all walks of life in medical research? 

Working with eight advocacy partners, we asked 4,000 patients from diverse backgrounds and living with a range of conditions about their attitudes toward clinical research. 

Join us on November 6 at 1pm ET as Antidote’s Head of Partnerships, Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards, discusses the results of this survey — and what they mean for patient recruitment — during a live webinar. 

You’ll learn how condition and demographic details impact preferences in terms of trial type, logistical factors, and even participation motivators. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how patients want to be approached about clinical trials and strategies through which you can apply this understanding to your own recruitment work.