Patient stories

We're inspired by patients

We've travelled from the bedsides of extraordinary patients to the White House to advance medical research by
transforming the way people to connect with it. And we've heard some amazing stories along the way.

Clinical trials represent life. Period.

This is Eric's story.

This is how we learn whether drugs work.

This is Sandy and Ira's story.

I didn't know about PTSD. I thought I was losing my mind.

This is Ed's story.

These trials really help move the science forward.

This is JDRF's story.

My passion and my professional purpose now is to help my community.

This is Jessica’s story.

People say I'm the pioneer – no, they are the pioneers.

This is Nina's story.

[Lupus is] something that can have a cure. It's possible.

This is Shanelle's story.

I look at research as opening a door for better healthcare.

This is Karen's story.

MS has changed the way that I live because it’s changed me.

This is Damian's story.

... A support system is so incredibly important because I know for me personally, it made the difference in surviving and thriving.

This is Stacey's story.

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