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Have you considered clinical trials as a care option? Antidote and PatientPoint have teamed up to help you find clinical trial options that are right for you.

Learn more about our featured trials or search all of your trial options below. Short on time? Text MATCH to 317-597-6020 and we will send a link to your phone where you can access specific trials or our search tool and explore anytime.

Featured Projects:

  • Early Parkinson's Disease: If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's within the last three years and haven't started medication yet, you may qualify for a clinical trial near you. Learn more.
  • Auto Immune Hepatitis (AIH): Existing Autoimmune Hepatitis clinical trials don’t work for everyone – consider a clinical trial. Learn more.
  • Solid tumors: A clinical trial is now available for those whose cancer has spread to the skin and hasn’t responded to other treatments. Learn more.
  • Lupus Registry: Your lupus stories can help science. Researchers are building a data set of electronic medical records, with personal information removed, to learn more about lupus. Learn more.
  • IBD Registry: Volunteers needed for a unique research study gathering de-identified electronic medical records from people living with IBD to share with scientists. Learn about getting involved.
  • Sickle Cell Disease Registry: Volunteers living with Sickle Cell Disease are needed to contribute their anonymous medical stories to research. Learn more about taking part
  • Biliary Tract Cancer Registry:  Biliary tract cancer is a rare form of cancer that develops in the bile duct system. Patients with biliary tract cancer can help accelerate treatments by contributing to research from the comfort of their homes.  Get involved. 
  • MS Registry: Researchers are building a data set of de-identified medical records to learn more. about life with MS. Volunteers are needed, and receive free access to a handy website that organizes all of your medical records in one place. It takes just 15 minutes to sign up -- learn more.
If these projects aren't a good fit, answer a few questions to search all clinical trials in your area that could be a match for you. 

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