Press Release: "Antidote Technologies and PWNHealth Partner to Bring Direct-to-Patient Lab Services into Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment"

Collaboration provides CROs and pharmaceutical companies end-to-end clinical trial recruitment services, including lab-validated referrals, to accelerate their research

New York, NY (September 6, 2018) — Antidote Technologies, a digital health company with strategic partnerships across the clinical development ecosystem, today announced a collaboration with PWNHealth, LLC to incorporate direct-to-patient lab services and bolster efficiencies in clinical trial recruitment.

This partnership brings together Antidote's proven end-to-end patient recruitment model and PWNHealth's patient-centered lab service offerings to speed up recruitment for complex studies while lowering patient burden — with the ultimate goal of accelerating medical research. The joint services of Antidote and PWNHealth will provide researchers with:

  • Unique access to engaged patient populations through Antidote's extensive network of partners
  • Highly efficient pre-screening technology
  • Lab-validated referrals based on PWNHealth's physician oversight of direct-to-patient diagnostic services, through their network of physicians and 40+ lab partners
  • Effective referral management services to enrollment
  • Insights for feasibility and recruitment planning

As medicine advances, clinical trial eligibility requirements are becoming increasingly complex in both number and specificity. For example, a Journal of Thoracic Oncology study showed 50% growth over the past 30 years in the number of eligibility criteria for lung cancer studies.[1] Clinical trial protocols increasingly require patients to meet the thresholds of certain lab values in order to qualify for a study.

The reasons for this include treatment regimens becoming more complicated, safety concerns becoming better understood, and study populations becoming more precisely defined.[2]These complexities directly impact clinical trial recruitment, slowing down the process and causing frustration for patients who want to take part in a study, as well as for researchers who want to conduct their study on-time and on-budget.

"As more trials fold lab values into their requirements, making lab services easily available to patients is one way that PWNHealth can significantly accelerate medical research," said Bill Paquin Chief Commercial Officer of PWNHealth. "Our partnership with Antidote will provide researchers with an efficient method to determine whether a patient is qualified for a particular study with lab-based requirements. This is a win for patients and researchers alike."

"The ability to screen patients for lab values makes precision matching of patients to trials that much more attainable," said Tom Krohn, Chief Development Officer at Antidote. "We strive to find innovative ways to improve recruitment efficiency and we’re excited to start seeing the impact of this collaboration with PWNHealth."

In the United States today, nearly 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to difficulty finding the right patients to take part, and these delays can cost researchers up to $8M per day. It's time to explore new models to help willing and interested patients join clinical trials. For more information, please visit or

About PWNHealth

PWNHealth is a virtual care company that is transforming the way diagnostic tests are delivered, understood, and acted upon. Through our diagnostic testing ecosystem, we connect millions of people to thousands of sophisticated and clinically-sound diagnostic tests. As a pioneer with unparalleled industry experience, we have established a nationwide physician and genetic counselor network to support a broad range of healthcare partners that include employers, labs, and life science companies.

Diagnostic tests have the power to change a person's life. Through the PWNHealth Network we work to ensure the right tests are delivered to the right person with the right context. For more information, please visit

About Antidote
Antidote is a digital health company on a mission to accelerate the breakthroughs of new treatments by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need it. In a world where 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to lack of participants [3], Antidote uses cutting-edge technology to match the right patients with the right trials, helping medical researchers make faster progress, and offering new treatment options to patients. Antidote

MatchTM, the company's unique trial matching tool, currently powers clinical trial search for more than 250 patient communities and health portals — bringing clinical trial awareness, matching, and access to more than 15 million patients a month. Antidote was launched as TrialReach and is based in the US and UK. For more information, please visit

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Chief Commercial Officer, PWNHealth