Antidote Technologies receives high marks in cybersecurity risk assessment

CyberGRX, the world’s largest third-party risk exchange scores Antidote well above industry average on cybersecurity safeguards

Miami, FL (June 28, 2023) — Antidote Technologies (“Antidote”), a digital patient engagement company operating in the clinical trial recruitment sector, has completed the CyberGRX cybersecurity risk assessment and received exceptional scores in all five categories. This positions Antidote well above the industry average for health technology companies assessed through the platform.

Using CyberGRX’s proprietary predictive risk profiles and Framework Mapper, which maps third-party data to industry standard frameworks, Antidote was thoroughly evaluated on five critical areas: Strategic, operational, core, management, and privacy. The evaluation resulted in Antidote scoring 90% or higher in each category, including the strategic and privacy scores, which were 100%. 

The strategic assessment category evaluates the maturity of a company’s risk management, particularly focusing on its cyber security organization and governance program. It assesses the strength of policies and standards, as well as audit and compliance capabilities. The privacy assessment focuses on the maturity of a company’s privacy program, specific to a company’s ability to govern and manage data in accordance with applicable regulations and industry best practices. It evaluates privacy policies and procedures, incident reporting and resolution, regulatory compliance, security audits, privacy training, and servicing of data access or deletion requests. Because Antidote is a health technology organization entrusted with handling sensitive data, achieving a perfect score in these areas serves as a strong endorsement of the company’s commitment to the privacy of both the patients and clients it serves.

“Many companies prioritize securing their infrastructure, but not as many ‘challenge the status quo’ when it comes to sharing cyber risk data. Our goal is to serve as a trusted partner that not only validates a company’s risk profile, but makes this information easily accessible to customers and partners,” said Kerry Nagle, COO at CyberGRX. “We’d like to commend Antidote for the emphasis they have placed on strengthening their security posture and reducing shared risks.”

For any company, experiencing a data breach is a serious concern, but for healthcare companies that handle sensitive data, prevention is even more critical. According to IBM’s Data Breach Report 2022, the cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry has risen significantly. Since 2020, it has increased by 42%, reaching an average of $10.1 million. The report also states that for the 12th consecutive year, the healthcare industry has had the highest average data breach among all industries.

“We are proud to have received such excellent results from CyberGRX — a firm acknowledgment of all we do in cybersecurity risk management at Antidote,” said Cynthia Akufo-Addo, Antidote’s Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance. “As a company that works directly with sensitive patient data, as well as classified client information, information security and privacy are topics that we take extremely seriously. We are honored to have our work in this arena validated by cybersecurity experts who are trusted by leading organizations worldwide.”

About Antidote

Antidote is a digital health company with a mission to enable faster medical innovation by transforming how sponsors and patients connect. This is achieved via data-driven product and service offerings that are delivered with a patient-centric, human touch. Through precision recruitment and an extensive partner network, Antidote can match the right patients with the right research opportunities, advancing medical breakthroughs and increasing clinical trial participation. Antidote was launched as TrialReach and is based in the US and UK. For more information, please visit

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