Press release: "Antidote Technologies Spearheads Recruitment for a COVID Early Treatment Fund Clinical Trial Recently Featured on CBS Program 60 Minutes"

Story highlighted the success of repurposing a generic antidepressant in the treatment of COVID-19, and reported that many more patients are needed to take part in the trial

New York, NY (March 11, 2021) — As COVID-19 vaccines have become more available for prevention, the medical community continues to look for treatments for patients who become sick. One approach showing promise: using the generic antidepressant fluvoxamine in patients who are experiencing early symptoms of COVID-19. The COVID Early Treatment Fund (CETF), a nonprofit formed to finance clinical trials of repurposed drugs to help fight COVID-19, is currently supporting a fluvoxamine trial at Washington University in St. Louis that was featured on the March 7 episode of the CBS program 60 Minutes. Antidote Technologies, a digital patient engagement company, is leading patient recruitment to ensure this trial enrolls quickly and smoothly.

After two small, successful trials in the United States, the drug is now being tested in a large randomized Phase 3 trial in both the US and Canada. People aged 30+ who have started experiencing COVID symptoms less than seven days ago may be eligible to participate and can find out more here.

There are more than 60,000 new COVID-19 cases in the US every day. Time is of the essence as the death toll continues to climb. To speed enrollment in this fluvoxamine trial, Antidote has leveraged its digital marketing expertise and network of advocacy and lab partners to reach patients who may be a fit for this trial. “We’re honored to be working with CETF and WashU to find the right patients for this study,” said Laurent Schockmel, CEO of Antidote Technologies. “Every patient enrolled is a step closer to a potential effective treatment for a virus that has devastated us all for the past year.”

If you or someone you know began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms less than seven days ago, please consider joining this trial. Participation is free and contactless. Every participant plays a major role in the discovery of safe, effective drugs for the treatment of COVID-19.

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