Press Release: "Antidote Wins 2021 WEGO Health Award for 'Most Valuable Patient Support or Access Program'"

Award honors one company that has designed innovative solutions to promote patient access and support

New York, NY (September 24, 2021) — WEGO Health has announced that Antidote Technologies Limited (“Antidote”) has won their industry award for “Most Valuable Patient Support or Access Program.” This award is given annually to one company that demonstrates a strong understanding of the patient journey and provides useful resources to help improve patient access to care.

There’s a problem in medical research today: while the COVID-19 pandemic has increased overall awareness of clinical trials, the majority of patients don’t know about how to take part in one. For example, in a national survey, about 85% of cancer patients said they were unsure of or unaware of their possible eligibility to take part in clinical trials.” Simply put, this is a problem of access to medical research. 

Antidote is tackling this problem head-on with Antidote Match, the first trial matching engine that uses structured eligibility criteria and proprietary algorithms to explore a patient’s eligibility for every trial. Patients can answer a handful of questions about their health, and the Antidote Match engine will traverse thousands of clinical trials to provide the right studies in their neighborhood. 

“We’re so excited to receive this award from WEGO Health as it means Antidote Match has been recognized by the people who matter most: patients,” said Richard Towne, PharmD, Clinical Informatics Manager at Antidote. “By making it easy to learn about research, find trial matches, and connect with researchers, Antidote is empowering patients to own this aspect of their healthcare.”

The Antidote Match engine lives on Antidote’s website, but also powers clinical trial search for 250+ patient communities and health portals — bringing clinical trial awareness, matching, and access to millions of patients a month. It’s a different kind of patient support and access, focused solely on connecting patients with research, and it’s free for patients and advocacy partners alike. 

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About Antidote

Antidote is a digital health company on a mission to accelerate medical research. In a world where 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to a shortage of suitable participants, Antidote uses precision recruitment to match the right patients with the right trials, striking the right balance between technology and human touch to deliver high-quality patient engagement. This is achieved through the integration of data-driven technologies, digital expertise, deep domain experience, an extensive and diverse partner network, and personalized patient and site services. Antidote was launched as TrialReach and is based in the US and UK. For more information, please visit

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