The Medical Futurist: "Top Companies Using A.I. In Drug Discovery And Development"

We're excited to be featured in The Medical Futurist's list of top companies using artificial intelligence for drug discovery and development.

The list features companies who want to “change the status quo” in drug development by speeding up a traditionally slow process.

Our listing:

“1) The company that mines clinical trials: Antidote

US and UK-based Antidote is focusing on matching patients and medical researchers in clinical trials so they could work together more easily. The platform allows patients to find the most suitable clinical trials, helps researchers stream their latest study information to millions of patients, and even connects them with members of the medical community directly. It’s basically a very efficient online platform for enhancing access to clinical trials.

By combining proprietary technologies, data, and well-established business models, the company is transforming the way patients and researchers connect so that breakthroughs can happen faster.”

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