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All studies are unique. First, we carefully analyze your trial protocol. Then we put together a customized plan to help you reach the right patients from our ever-expanding Connect Network.

We’ll develop a clear, easy-to-understand study page for your trial, which comes with a simple pre-screening questionnaire too. And once we start hearing from potential patients – we’ll handle all the communications, and work closely with them and the study sites.

This way, we’re able to make sure only the best referrals come through.

Digital Scale

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Having led over 100 patient recruitment projects across a broad range of therapeutic areas, we’re used to working on dynamic, complex clinical trial projects.

Our team offers a diverse mix of experience – from life sciences, internet marketplaces, data engineers, patient engagement, and beyond.

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Introducing the Connect Network

We’re building the world’s first ever online network dedicated to clinical trials. And it’s changing your patient outreach process forever.

The Connect Network brings together leading patient communities, health portals, advocacy groups and EHR providers dedicated to sharing medical research information with patients.

All this information lets us seamlessly connect to millions of patients every day – instead of having to buy traffic to trial pages.

Trusted Network

Trusted network

When it comes to healthcare, trust matters. That’s why we’re proud to count some of the most trusted communities and organizations as our partners.

Think Bigger

Think bigger

We’ll help you reach hundreds of thousands of patients for your study. Through geographic and eligibility targeting, we can engage the right patients in a fast and easy way.



Find patients, faster

Our IRB-approved digital pre-screeners quickly identify any potential matches for your trial. Each pre-screener is customized specifically for your study, and is designed to maximize engagement - while being fast and easy to use for patients.


We’ll be in touch

Once a patient has passed the pre-screener, we’ll contact them personally. Our Patient Liaison Managers (PLMs) will call them to confirm their details, availability, and interest in your study - before we refer them to a participating site.


Experts on call

Some eligibility criteria for trials are more complex than others. In these cases, we offer the option for a medical expert to make calls to patients - making sure the validation process is detailed and thorough.

Clinical Site Testimonials

Antidote did a thorough job sending us quality referrals through their careful screening process.

Emily Feldman Duluth Biomedical Research

We have worked with other referral services and Antidote was one of the best experiences we have had, with the volume and quality of referrals being good.

Simone Zatta Gestão em Pesquisa Clinica

The team at Antidote has helped us become the fastest recruiting site in our latest project.

Emanuela Ella Oztrials Clinical Research



Engaged patients

We understand that being eligible and wanting to take part in a study are two different things. Our quality referral process helps make sure that all patients we find for your studies are not only well-screened, but willing to move to the next step.


Site coordination

Our outreach team works closely with our site operations team. This means we only send referrals to sites that are ready to receive them. Our team is then dedicated to providing ongoing support and metrics for your sites.


Proactive project management

We proactively manage and track our referral and engagement process to make sure we’re making the biggest impact on your timelines. Being a data-driven company, we understand and can share with you opportunities to accelerate.


Full transparency

All stakeholders have visibility into the overall flow of patients at all times through our portal. We’re in constant communication with your study team and study sites, and manage referral volumes accordingly.

Clinical trials represent life.

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