More patients, more progress

Find the right people for your trials – in a fast and easy way.

We bring scale through targeted partner outreach, quality through online and personal screening, and conversion through site coordination and thorough referral management.

And, our pay-for-performance model means that we succeed when you succeed.

More patients

Try Antidote Match. Imagine your patient-friendly trial details in the search results.

Match Me

Give your patients the clarity they need

To find the right patients for your studies, it’s crucial they understand what they’re reading. Which is why we’ve developed Antidote Bridge.

Bridge is a free tool that helps you share information with patients and caregivers in a clear and simple way.

It creates easy-to-understand study pages for you automatically, without you having to write anything.

These pages get streamed to millions of people through online patient communities – where they’re already looking for help.

What people are saying


Each person we help enroll in clinical trials through our partnership is one life changed and one step closer to a cure.

Tracy Rosecrans Healthline

Antidote Press

[Antidote] is bridging the gap between the patients and the researchers who are developing new medical treatments.

John Nosta Forbes

Clinical Site

Antidote has taken a patient-centered approach towards clinical trial matching by focusing on the patient.

Moe Alsumidaie Applied Clinical Trials

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