Clinical Trial Myths and Misconceptions: How to Tell Truth from Fiction

If you're considering joining a clinical trial, chances are you're also familiar with the common reasons patients choose not to participate.

"What if I get the placebo?"

"I've heard clinical trials are dangerous."

Of course, clinical trial participation is a serious decision, and it's always up to the patient whether or not to take part. But when making a decision, it's also important to take stock of what's true about clinical trials – and what are myths or misconceptions.

In our next webinar for patients, we'll be covering the most common myths and misinformation surrounding clinical trial participation.

We'll discuss a patient's rights in a trial, how to understand the unique benefits and risks of participating in a specific trial, the potential costs and financial support offered to participants, and more.

We'll also cover one of the most important resources for patients considering joining a trial: the informed consent process.

You'll have a chance to ask your questions about joining clinical trials — we'll answer at the end of the webinar.

Our patient webinars are designed to fit into your schedule – they're only around 20 to 30 minutes long, but we cover a lot of information. Can't make it? If you register, you'll receive a recording of the webinar afterwards even if you can't watch live. We hope to see you there!