5 Lesser-Known Reasons to Join Asthma Clinical Trials

If you live with asthma, you may still have trouble with symptoms even on your regular medication. That’s why asthma clinical trials explore new potential treatments for asthma.

In order to bring those new treatments to patients, trials need volunteers living with asthma to take part. Though 2 million Americans participate in clinical research every year, many people aren’t familiar with how they work or the benefits of signing up. Volunteers don't just help research – often, you're making a difference for your own care, too. Here are some other reasons to take part:

1. You’ll receive care from asthma experts.

When you’re part of an asthma clinical trial, you’ll talk with experts on the cutting edge of asthma treatment. Trials are usually held at top hospitals and medical centers, so you'll receive some of the best care in your area. Insurance companies are required to cover regular care as part of a clinical trial, too.

2. Not all trials use a placebo.

It's a common misconception that all asthma clinical trials, and trials in general, use a placebo. Some trials compare how effective a new option is against an existing treatment.

3. You can participate in your own neighborhood.

Clinical trials typically have multiple sites around the country looking for patient volunteers. Answer a few questions to find clinical trials you may qualify for in your area.

4. Sometimes, you can continue taking the study drug at the end of the trial.

Depending on the trial, you may be able to continue taking the new treatment after the trial ends, particularly if it's been found to be effective in the trial.

5. You’ll help new treatments get to pharmacy shelves faster. 

Unfortunately, 80 percent of all clinical trials are delayed or closed because of difficulty finding volunteers. If studies don’t receive enough volunteers, they have to close. Delayed and closed trials can push back new treatments for years. When you participate in asthma clinical research, you’re helping everyone living with asthma get better treatments faster.

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