Nancy Ryerson

Nancy Ryerson is a digital communicator with years of experience covering healthcare. Today, she's a Digital Marketing Manager at Antidote, where she manages the company's content marketing and SEO strategies. Prior to joining Antidote, Nancy spent three years at The Michael J. Fox Foundation, where she created content for Parkinson's disease patients and expanded the Foundation's email list by 100,000+ members in two years through search and social strategies. She holds a BA in English and journalism from NYU.

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Clinical trial recruitment rate calculator and site selection

Recruitment rate for clinical trials is calculated by multiplying the number of sites and randomized patients per site by the number of months of recruitment time. This number can also be reverse-engineered, starting with the number of randomized patients a trial needs.

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Building awareness of the on/off phenomenon in Parkinson's disease

On/off phenomenon in Parkinson's disease happens when the common treatment levodopa wears off and motor symptoms return, before it's time for your next dose. It’s critical to build awareness of these episodes and to understand the causes behind them. 

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Clinical trial phases: What’s the difference?

Clinical trials research potential new treatments, including medication, medical devices, and lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise. Typically, a potential treatment goes through at least three clinical trial phases before it becomes available to patients.

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15 clinical trial patient recruitment companies (and how to choose one)

Updated July 2020:  Clinical trial patient recruitment companies use a range of methods, from digital advertising to community partnerships, to find the right patients for your trial. Depending on your trial’s needs, you may want to choose a company with a particular specialty in a therapeutic area or patient population. You may also be interested in finding a company that offers additional ...

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13 interesting clinical research podcasts to listen to

From growing a career in clinical research to the latest fascinating innovations in biotech, clinical research podcasts can keep you informed and teach you something new. 

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Patient recruitment challenges? Try this.

Challenge 1: Unresponsive patients Your sites are receiving email addresses and phone numbers from patients who are apparently interested in your trial. But when the site reaches out to them to follow up about your trial? No response. 

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How a clinical trial helped this Crohn’s advocate finally reach remission

Like many people living with Crohn's disease, Tina Aswani Omprakash had trouble finding a treatment that would send her symptoms into remission. 

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Why Researchers are Taking a Diverse Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease

November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. It's no secret that Alzheimer's is one of the world's most challenging diseases, with limited treatment options – and none of them able to stop or reverse disease progression. 

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How Families Can Think about Care Choices – Before a Crisis

November is Family Caregivers Month. Around 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult 50 or older in the last 12 months. Of those, 15.6 million are caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. 

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7 Factors that Impact Patient Recruitment

For patients, joining a clinical trial is a significant decision. Before signing up, it's important to consider everything from how easy it is to get to the site location, to whether or not the goal resonates. 

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