Nancy Ryerson

Clinical Trial Recruitment Tools for the 21st Century

Today, study teams have a variety of clinical trial recruitment tools at their disposal to find the right patients for their studies. As anyone involved in the patient recruitment process knows, enrolling patients into studies isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Complex protocols in particular can make recruiting patients particularly difficult – and make using a varied approach more important.  Read more

5 Lesser-Known Reasons to Join Asthma Clinical Trials

If you live with asthma, you may still have trouble with symptoms even on your regular medication. That’s why asthma clinical trials explore new potential treatments for asthma. Read more

What’s It Like to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Do you know anyone who has participated in a clinical trial? It's very possible the answer is no. Studies show that patients are interested in participating, but don't often hear about opportunities to take part. Read more

15 Questions to Ask Clinical Trial Recruitment Companies [Updated]

If you're thinking of working with a clinical trial patient recruitment company, most sites and sponsors evaluate bids from a few different companies before making a selection. Read more

Do Patients Have to Pay for Clinical Trials?

Patients do not have to pay for the majority of clinical trial costs. The trial sponsor covers the cost of research and data analysis, which makes up most trial costs. Trial participants may have to pay copays and payments toward a deductible if those are part of your insurance plan . Read more

How to Advertise Different Types of Clinical Trials

Prior research on patient interest in clinical trials has tended to focus on studies as a monolith. At Antidote, we were curious whether the type of trial – observational, interventional, etc. – made a difference in terms of patient interest. Read more

Living with PBC: 5 Tips That Can Help

Looking back, Carol Roberts believes she experienced the fatigue associated with primary biliary cholangitis, or PBC, years before her diagnosis. Read more

Who Decides Whether You Get Into a Clinical Trial?

You found a clinical trial you're interested in, and reached out to the site or answered a few questions about your medical history online. But who decides if you're ultimately selected for a clinical trial? Read more

How to Create a Clinical Trial Recruitment Plan [Template]

Clinical trial patient recruitment brings specific challenges to research sites and marketing teams starting a campaign. With so many guidelines, chances are you already feel restricted in how you can share your trial with patients. Plus, running tests and trying new approaches are the cornerstones of effective marketing. But with patient recruitment, you have to submit all of your outreach ... Read more

This Clinical Trials Day, Share Why You Support Medical Research

Today, May 20, is Clinical Trials Day. It's fair to say that most people probably haven't heard about this holiday, but here at Antidote, it's an opportunity to talk about why medical research matters – and celebrate the volunteers who make it possible. Read more