How to get the most out of Antidote Match™

At Antidote, our mission is to connect patients with clinical trials using a data-driven, technological approach — and one of the ways we do that is through our clinical trial search engine, Antidote Match™.

Match is a clinical trial matching software that allows patients to answer just a few questions and quickly see the clinical trials for which they may be eligible. Patients can also opt-in to receive alerts when new trials that fit their profiles are live. By providing Match at no cost to our patient advocacy group partners and the patients who visit our website, we’re able to offer a patient-centric way to search for clinical trials, while also giving partners the ability to connect with individuals, learn more about relevant populations, and fulfill research-related aspects of their missions. 

While that is powerful on its own, partners who implement certain strategies to get the most out of Match often find additional benefits as well. Whether you already have Match on your site and are hoping to optimize it, or are curious about what this powerful tool can do for your organization, read on to learn more.

Tips for getting the most out of Antidote Match

While adding Match to your website can be a hands-off way that your organization can help patients find clinical trials, by increasing educational resources, content marketing efforts, email promotions, demographic data, and customization options, you can get even more out of this tool. Here’s how: 

Provide on-page resources for clinical trial education

If an individual is not already familiar with research, they’ll likely want to learn more before engaging with clinical trial recruitment tools. They may have found their way to your clinical trial page as they were looking for more information, which means a seamless learning process can provide them with the insights they need. Our partners at the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) have done a great job providing educational resources for patients, building an entire page devoted to important, patient-friendly clinical trial information. 

Build out your content library to include clinical trial information

While there are many helpful resources out there regarding clinical trial participation, unfortunately, myths about medical research still persist. By developing a content library that includes information about clinical trials, your organization can become an informational resource for patients who are potentially interested in enrolling in a study. Blogs, patient testimonials, and general explainers are all ways that patient advocacy organizations can provide more background information about the clinical trial space.

Use email lists for new research participation opportunities

In addition to providing good content resources, some of our partners have also seen success leveraging email marketing approaches for research opportunities. For example, our partners at JDRF spread the word about clinical trials through database emails — and in one instance, they saw a 400% increase in searches after an email campaign. Patients are often unaware that clinical trials are an option for them, but in an Antidote survey, 42% of respondents said they would like to hear about trials from advocacy groups and nonprofit organizations.

Get to know your patient population

Getting to know your patient population can help you make more strategic decisions about connecting with them, and that process becomes easier with Antidote Match. When patients go through the Match journey, they answer questions regarding demographic and medical data, which is then aggregated anonymously so partners can gather more insights into who makes up their community and what content would be the most helpful for them.

Customize the look and feel on your site

While Match is a tool that’s powered by Antidote, the ability to add your own logos, headers, and color schemes means it can serve as a powerful resource for brand recognition as well. Additionally, the ability to customize the size and format allows partners to fit Match into their website in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. See a few examples below to visualize what’s possible.

Our Antidote Match tool is a resource we provide for free so that partners and patients get the best experience possible — and with these tips, it’s easier than ever to maximize its impact on your organization. If you’d like to learn more about adding Match to your website, get in touch with us today.