Introducing Our Newest Partner: PWNHealth

It's with great excitement that we share that we have officially partnered with PWNHealth, a virtual care company that enables patient access to diagnostic testing, treatment, and professional guidance, to bolster efficiencies in our clinical trial recruitment by incorporating direct-to-patient lab services.

At Antidote, we're dedicated to matching patients to trials that are right for them. We use technology and rely on proprietary algorithms and structured data to conduct this matching, because finding the right trial for the right patient is no easy task. In fact, it's gotten more and more difficult over the years, and this is largely due to increasingly stringent eligibility requirements.

As treatment regimens have become more complicated, safety concerns have become better understood, and study populations called for in clinical trial protocols have gotten more and more precise. Lung cancer trial statistics tell the story: according to a Journal of Thoracic Oncology study, the evolution of trials has translated into over 50 percent more eligibility criteria for lung cancer studies over the past 30 years. From 1986 to 1995, there were typically 16 pieces of exclusion criteria for a lung cancer trial; from 2006 to 2016, this number jumped to 27.

In addition to the sheer number of criteria, the exclusion criteria for trials is also becoming increasingly complex — the requirements are growing in number, but also in specificity. For example, more and more often, clinical trial protocols are requiring that patients have certain lab values in order to qualify for a study.

What this means for patients is that it is more difficult than ever to find a trial that is right for them; what it means for researchers is that 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to difficulty finding the right patients to take part, and these delays can cost up to $8M per day.

In a world where medical research is key to driving progress, this is a problem.

This is why we are pleased to have partnered with PWNHealth to safely provide patients with access to lab services to accelerate prescreening, enrollment — and research in general. Our proven end-to-end patient recruitment model encompasses outreach through our network of partners, efficient pre-screening technology, referral management services through to enrollment, and insights for feasibility and recruitment planning. To bolster these efforts in light of the changing clinical trial landscape, we're proud to work with PWNHealth to supply lab validation based on their direct-to-patient diagnostic services, provided through their network of physicians and more than 40 lab partners.

It's time to explore new models to help willing and interested patients join even the most complex clinical trials. Get in touch to learn more about how our partnership with PWNHealth may work to accelerate your research, delivering better treatments more quickly to those who need them.

For more information, you can read our press release here.