Jessica Thomas’ MS story

Jessica Thomas was driving one day when she realized she was having problems with her vision. Over the next couple of weeks, she began experiencing some unexplained numbness, tingling, and cognitive issues. “I had trouble coming up with words, which was super frustrating, as I was in graduate school at the time,” says Jessica. Within a couple of months from the onset of that very first symptom, Jessica got a devastating diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. Jessica knows she is lucky she was diagnosed so quickly.

Through her job as a clinical social worker and a partner in MS care, Jessica’s goal is to help people living with MS navigate the emotional aspects of physical disease. “My passion and my professional purpose now is to help my community.” 

On top of that, Jessica is a mother to a 13-year-old son (as well as two cats and a dog) and a wife. Her family is sarcastic, and they love watching tv shows together and traveling to Florida to see the Miami Marlins play.

We were honored to speak with Jessica Thomas and hear her story:


This project was done in partnership with MS Views & News, who graciously connected us with Jessica. 

As Jessica mentions, new treatments for MS can’t move forward without volunteers for clinical trials. To learn more about clinical trial opportunities for people living with MS, click the link below.