Questions to ask when considering rescuing a trial [checklist]

A clinical trial rescue is one that, for any number of reasons, is not meeting expectations and requires a “reboot.” The trial may need to be accelerated or may need process failures corrected. 

When considering a rescue, the goal should be to course-correct before things get to the point where they can’t be fixed. It’s important to ask a few critical questions, such as: 

  • What are the obstacles? 
  • Who owns the pieces that aren’t working?
  • Is there enough data to make the right decision? 
  • Has the team been informed in time to take corrective action? 
  • How has the sponsor been conducting oversight? 
  • What would a transition of responsibilities look like? 
  • Is the risk worth the benefit? 

Download our checklist for an expanded look at the questions posed above and a link to our whitepaper on the whole rescue trial process.