Antidote Bridge™ enables sponsors to create a study page with the details patients want and need, in plain English, for distribution to millions of people on health-related online communities.

The additional information that you can provide includes: procedure descriptions, number of overnight stays, placebo use, financial compensation, and more. These details matter to patients.

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Collaborating with Antidote to offer patients the search tool will help them find clinical trials more aligned with their medical needs in a user-friendly format. This will further engage patients and help alleviate the challenges sponsors face when conducting clinical trials.

Joan Chambers COO

JDRF is so excited to be partnered with Antidote and to bring this tool to people living with T1D. Participation in clinical trials is a unique and invaluable contribution that only people with T1D can make, one which will help accelerate the path to better treatments and the ultimate prevention and cure of the disease.

Steven C. Griffen, MD Senior VP of Research

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Free Optimized Study Page

Free optimized study page

Using Bridge is free. Our mission is to help advance medical progress, and we believe that can only happen when patients have the information they need.

Flexible Options

Flexible options

You’re in control of the content. Nothing is published without approval. Provide as much information as you’d like, and skip any questions, too.

Data Quality

Clarity for patients

When patients have the details they want and need about a trial, they’re more likely to be able to make an informed decision and participate.


More reach

Researchers who provide easy-to-understand information will have their studies featured higher in Antidote trial search results because they’re more useful for patients.

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