10 Interesting Clinical Research Podcasts to Listen To

From growing a career in clinical research to the latest fascinating innovations in biotech, clinical research podcasts can keep you informed and teach you something new. 

Whether you're looking for in-depth discussions on drug development, conversations with patients and providers on the front line of care, or savvy advice on clinical research decision-making, there's a clinical research podcast for you on our list:

  1. To Care is Human from The Beryl Institute 
  2. The Clinical Trials Guru
  3. Clinical Trial Podcast
  4. Digital Health Today
  5. The Drug Discovery World Podcast
  6. The Long Run with Luke Timmerman 
  7. The Readout Loud from Stat News
  8. Pharmaceutical Executive Podcast
  9. Medtech Talk Podcast 
  10. Trial Better from ERT

Below, we share an overview of each podcast's focus and a few highlights from their archives.

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10 interesting clinical research podcasts

To care is humanTo Care is Human by The Beryl Institute 

Focus: Compassionate stories from those providing and receiving care

Patient centricity is important to the healthcare industry, and it starts from one place: hearing from patients. In the Beryl Institute's podcast, you'll hear conversations with real patients on topics like living with mental health challenges, as well as healthcare leaders who connect directly with patients.

The Clinical Trials GuruThe Clinical Trials Guru

Focus: How to grow your clinical research career 

For clinical research professionals, there's no better source for career advice than the Clinical Trials Guru, who's been dispensing wisdom on his website since 2010. Plus, he's prolific – with more than 300 episodes and a weekly schedule, it would take a considerable amount of effort to burn through his oeuvre. Though if you're ready to solve problems like how to nurture new physicians as investigators, the best ways to train clinical research coordinators, and whether sites should hyper-specialize, you may want to.

Clinical Trial PodcastClinical Trial Podcast

Focus: Trends and tips for clinical research professionals 

The Clinical Trial Podcast was initially launched with the goal of sharing what it takes to become a best-in-class clinical research professional. Students and clinical research coordinators may find the podcast content particularly inspiring, though with topics like bioethics in clinical research and genetic testing in clinical trials, there's something for everything in this smart podcast.

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 9.58.53 AMDigital Health Today

Focus: Interviews with leaders at the cutting-edge of healthcare

Digital Health Today features health leaders who are working to change the current paradigms in the industry. Past topics have included ending the HIV epidemic, whether virtual reality can be considered a medical device, and the future of robots in surgery. Listen in to get a glimpse of the future of healthcare.

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 10.01.31 AMThe Drug Discovery World Podcast

Focus: News and analysis for drug discovery professionals

This podcast covers both the business and scientific sides of drug discovery, making it a useful listen for anyone involved in pharma. Catch up on headlines and learn something new with topics like mining plant genomes and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration in drug discovery.

The Long Run The Long Run with Luke Timmerman 

Focus: Interviews with innovative drug development researchers

Anyone who works in drug development knows that there's not much instant gratification in the field – quite the opposite, in fact. In the description for his podcast, Luke Timmerman compares medical research with exploring the Antarctic: a “hazardous journey, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.” He interviews these “explorers” about their work developing drugs for challenging conditions.

The Readout LoudThe Readout Loud from Stat News

Focus: Smart analysis of the latest healthcare industry headlines

On their podcast, the STAT news team discusses headlines related to drug development and the healthcare industry. It's a great way to catch up on relevant stories, and hear the STAT team offer a smart and thoughtful analysis of the latest news.

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive Podcast

Focus: In-depth conversations for pharma decisionmakers 

For the C-suite, Pharmaceutical Executive is a reliable source for the information CEOs and CFOs need to make decisions. Topics like how the pharma industry can improve its reputation and establishing a new drug therapy resonate in particular with industry leaders, but are interesting to those at any stage in their career.

MedtechMedtech Talk Podcast 

Focus: Discussions with leaders in medical technology 

Created by the organizers behind the Medtech Conference, this podcast features conversations with leaders in health technology startups and established companies. You'll hear from entrepreneurs, investors, and executives about their processes and the healthcare problems they're hoping to solve.

Trial Better logoTrial Better from ERT

Focus: How to better run clinical trials, often through the lens of technology

This podcast from clinical trial technology provider ERT covers topical, useful subjects relevant to clinical research professionals, with a focus on tech. Past topics have included the new rules of patient engagement, the basics of the “bring your own device” movement in electronic patient-reported outcomes, and the value of engaging sites in clinical trial development. Queue up this podcast to hear thoughtful discussions on our changing field.

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