Anne-Marie Hess

Connecting the Dots: From Patients and Patient Data to New Approaches to Research and Care

In early March, Antidote's Head of Partnerships Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards and I attended the 2019 Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative to share findings from our joint research on The Patient Perspective on Clinical Trials.

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In Clinical Trials, What Matters to Patients Varies by Condition Area

During a Q3 2018 survey conducted by Antidote Technologies and SCORR Marketing, we explored specific participation stimuli to determine what could make patients consider participating in a clinical trial – and how these motivations varied by condition area.

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What Role Does Health Literacy Play in Clinical Trial Participation?

During Q3 2018, Antidote Technologies and SCORR Marketing partnered on a survey to gain a deeper understanding of patient perceptions of clinical trials and what can motivate them to participate. Survey participants were recruited by eight of Antidote’s partners, including the American Kidney Fund, Allergy & Asthma Network, Healthline, JDRF, Lung Cancer Alliance, Lupus Research Alliance, Melanoma ...

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