How research sites can use clinical trial recruitment plan templates

Effectively recruiting patients for clinical trials is one of the most integral parts of conducting research, and difficulties in the process are often responsible for delays. Not only can delays result in a costly waste of resources, but they can also result in a negative patient experience that can discourage volunteers from continuing the process.

Fortunately, using a patient recruitment template can help researchers organize all the various elements involved in enrolling volunteers into a trial. Here are a few ways sites can use these templates to support their recruitment efforts and successfully reach their enrollment goals.

Tips for using a clinical trial recruitment plan template

Research the patient population.

Understanding the patient population is one of the most important parts of successful patient recruitment, so conducting research is necessary. In the template, make note of which questions about patients will be useful to answer, such as demographic details and quality of life concerns. It may also be helpful to include a list of benefits that trial participation may bring, which can serve as a resource when writing copy, as well.

Consider which campaign channels to use.

There are more options than ever for outreach channels, but deciding which ones to use relies heavily on patient population research. Tools such as Facebook and Google Adwords can allow outreach to target specific individuals in demographics. In contrast, general outreach such as print materials can be a good choice if the target audience is broad. 

Prepare for challenges.

Researching the patient population should also provide insights into potential barriers to recruiting eligible individuals. Difficult exclusion criteria, inclusionary requirements that are hard to achieve, or other barriers specific to the condition may present difficulties when conducting outreach. It may also be helpful to contact a clinical trial patient recruitment company for more help connecting with patients from a database or highly specialized outreach.

Draft ad copy.

Through all the research, it will be easier to draft ad copy that will likely resonate with the target patient population. Effective ad copy can highlight why patients might be interested in a clinical trial, address individuals' concerns about participating in research, and specific benefits for volunteers. When creating ad copy that an Institutional Review Board must approve, it is advisable to create many variations in order to have choices for both optimization and patient centricity throughout the outreach period.

Ready to start planning for a successful campaign? Download our patient recruitment template for suggestions on research questions, campaign structure, and other best practices.