Talk of the Towne podcast episode 03: Heart Valve Voice US

Antidote’s new podcast, Talk of the Towne, focuses on the ultimate sweet spot: that special place where science and patients converge. Our host, Rich Towne, was trained in pharmacy and currently works in Clinical Informatics at Antidote. In each episode, Rich welcomes a new guest from an organization with which Antidote is working, and takes an in-depth look at particular therapeutic areas, zeroing in on the story that Antidote's data is telling about how best to connect patients and research. 

For our third episode, we sat down with John Lewis, the Executive Director of Heart Valve Voice US, to learn more about heart valve disease research initiatives. 

Click the play button below to enjoy an electric discussion between Rich and John about the current challenges surrounding heart valve disease clinical trials (and recruitment), insights into the future of heart valve studies, and how Heart Valve Voice US serves the whole heart valve community:

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