After a Surprise Kidney Disease Diagnosis, This Patient Turned to Education and Advocacy

Patrick Gee didn't know that there were any problems with his kidneys until a doctor diagnosed him with kidney failure. Years on dialysis, four surgeries, 47 days in the hospital, and one successful kidney transplant later, he's participated in two clinical trials and become a proud advocate for the American Kidney Fund. Read more

What Questions Should I Ask Before Joining a Clinical Trial?

Joining a clinical trial is a significant decision, and there are several personal factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to join – not to mention including the opinions of family members and your doctor. Read more

Connecting the Dots: From Patients and Patient Data to New Approaches to Research and Care

In early March, Antidote's Head of Partnerships Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards and I attended the 2019 Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative to share findings from our joint research on The Patient Perspective on Clinical Trials. Read more

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment: What Strategies Don’t Work

When it comes time to begin recruiting for a clinical trial, there are many different approaches you can take to try to reach patients who will be the right fit for your study. Just as important as knowing what strategies may work for your recruitment project is understanding what to avoid. Here are seven common pitfalls that won’t work for clinical trial patient recruitment. Read more

How Long Before Levodopa Stops Working in Parkinson’s?

Levodopa works to reduce symptoms in Parkinson's for as long as a patient takes it. However, as the underlying disease progresses and Parkinson's symptoms get worse, patients may need to increase their dose or take levodopa more frequently to experience the same reduction in symptoms. Read more

15 Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Companies (And How to Choose One)

Updated April 2019 Clinical trial patient recruitment companies use a range of methods, from digital advertising to community partnerships, to find the right patients for your trial. Depending on your trial’s needs, you may want to choose a company with a particular specialty in a therapeutic area or patient population. You may also be interested in finding a company that offers additional ... Read more

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Online: Is It Enough?

We know that as clinical trial protocols are getting more complex, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the right patient to take part in a particular trial. As a result, most clinical trial sponsors — and their sites and recruitment companies — are turning to online clinical trial patient recruitment. This can look like Facebook ads, or Google paid search, or display ads. It can even ... Read more

On/Off Phenomenon in Parkinson's: What Can Help

On/off phenomenon in Parkinson's disease happens when levodopa wears off and motor symptoms return, before it's time for your next dose. Read more

How to Read a Clinical Trial Study Page

  Read more

Webinar Recap: Precision Recruitment

With clinical trial protocols becoming ever more complex, it can feel like it’s never been more difficult to find patients who are both eligible for and interested in a particular clinical trial. Traditional methods of recruitment are becoming less impactful, which is why it’s time to consider a new approach: precision recruitment. Read more