5 Benefits of Faster Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

One of the most frustrating elements of medical research today is the speed — patients need new treatments now, but often, clinical trials are delayed or closed due to difficulty finding patients to take part. With clinical trial patient recruitment, sponsors can not only meet deadlines, but beat them, bringing new treatments to patients faster. Here, we break down the key reasons to set your ... Read more

5 Common Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Challenges (And Solutions)

A lot can go wrong in clinical trial patient recruitment, leading to delays for up to 80% of all clinical trials. From underperforming sites to unresponsive patient referrals, there are solutions to the most common patient recruitment challenges that can help accelerate your trial and ultimately beat your deadlines. Try these approaches if recruitment problems are putting the success of your ... Read more

How to Save Time on Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

More than 80% of clinical trials don't reach their recruitment deadlines, and 16% close early due to recruitment issues. Accelerating patient recruitment can allow your trial to beat deadlines and bring your treatment to market faster. Read more

5 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Clinical Trial Recruitment

For drug sponsors and clinical research sites, it can feel risky to try a new approach to patient recruitment when traditional methods have proved challenging. But rather than increasing risk, digital advertising for clinical trial recruitment can help accelerate enrollment and reduce the risk of extended timelines and unmet goals. Read more

How to Build an Effective Clinical Trial Recruitment Website

Every comprehensive patient recruitment campaign should include digital advertising and a place to send patients: a clinical trial recruitment website. It's one of the best ways to connect with patients who may be interested in your clinical trial. If you are unfamiliar with digital advertising, our handy guide will get you up to speed. Read more

How to Improve Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment in 2019

There's a lot that can go wrong in clinical trial patient recruitment. You may start out with unresponsive patient leads from a site database or recruitment company with low quality referrals. Before you know it, your research sites aren't reaching recruitment goals. Read more

Clinical Trial Participation Survey: What We Learned from 4,000 Patients

When we understand why patients take part in research, we can make clinical trial recruitment – and every clinical research step – more effective and engaging. That's why we teamed up with Scorr Marketing and our some of our partners to survey 4,000 patients about their attitudes toward clinical research. Read more

How Does Clinical Trial Recruitment Software Work?

Clinical trial patient recruitment software can help trial sponsors and research sites connect with patients for clinical trials and track their enrollment into a study. Because clinical trial recruitment software is a relatively new piece of clinical trial technology, research sites and drug sponsors can take advantage of tech-savvy features that make it easier than ever to connect with patients ... Read more

5 Ways to Make Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials Easier

Successfully enrolling patients for a clinical trial is a daunting task, with several different steps and opportunities for patients to change their mind about participating. While the decision to participate is always completely up to the patient, a personalized approach to recruitment and enrollment, focused on the patient experience, can improve the process and make it more likely patients ... Read more

5 Digital Patient Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

If there is one thing that never changes in patient recruitment, it's that things always change, and 2018 saw some very big changes in digital. Read more