5 Patient Recruitment Strategies for Clinical Trials

Clinical trial patient recruitment at sites can be difficult to get right, and having a mix of strategies in your pocket can help. With limited budgets, you may not feel like you have the space for much trial and error. Carefully reviewing your options to figure out what's best for your specific needs can help you find the right options and avoid issues down the line. Read more

How to Run Effective Clinical Trial Advertising Tests

In clinical trial advertising, running tests to find your most successful ads is one of the best ways to improve your campaigns. But it's also easy to set up tests incorrectly and skew your results. Follow these tips to create effective tests that give you valuable information about the best way to reach your audience. Read more

Research Pioneers: Meet Allison Kalloo

At Antidote, we aim to make it easy for researchers and patients to connect. And a big part of that work is creating opportunities for people to learn more about medical research and dispelling myths about medical research participation, both for patients and researchers. Read more

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Advertising Clinical Trials on Facebook: Do's and Don'ts

Facebook has 2 billion daily users, making it one of the most effective ways to share clinical trial opportunities with patients. But the platform isn't always intuitive, and small mistakes can lead your ads to be rejected, or reach the wrong audience. Read more

How to Conduct Patient Recruitment Feasibility Research at Your Site

Your site has been chosen as a location for a clinical trial – that's great news. But if you're already well aware that 11% of research sites fail to recruit a single patient, you may be feeling more stressed than excited about the whole process. Read more

Introducing Our Newest Recruitment Partner: phaware global association®

We’re pleased to share that we have officially partnered with phaware®, an advocacy organization comprised of patients, caregivers, and medical professionals who are dedicated to creating global pulmonary hypertension (PH) awareness, to provide end-to-end patient recruitment services to pharmaceutical companies and CROs running trials in chronic lung diseases. Read more

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Toolkit: 5 Helpful Resources

Clinical trial patient recruitment can be challenging – not to mention expensive. That's why it's helpful to have tools on hand to make it easier to reach the right patients. This toolkit keeps the patient at the center of your recruitment plans, whether you're researching the condition for your trial, choosing outreach methods, or developing outreach materials. You'll find guidance on design, ... Read more

Experts Sound Off: Minority Participation in Medical Research

Increasingly, medical researchers acknowledge the need for more diversity in study participants so that trials can better predict the real-world impact of a drug or medical device. Yet a big question remains: How can researchers better reach diverse populations to drive minority participation in medical research? Read more

Patient Advocates Weigh In: Why lupus clinical trials need more minority participants

Minority participation in medical research is important for all conditions, but is critical for ailments that disproportionately impact people of color, like lupus. Read more

Announcing Our Newest Partner: the Lupus Foundation of America

We know that life with lupus can be difficult at times. And while there's no cure, there is hope: through medical research, we can improve the lives of people living with or affected by lupus — and maybe one day, find a cure. Read more