Chronic Kidney Disease Research Round-Up: August 2018

Today, 30 million people in the United States are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). It's often not diagnosed until patients reach the later stages of the disease, and is often associated with other conditions such as anemia and heart disease. Read more

7 Clinical Trial Advertising Sample Ideas

Successful clinical trial advertising engages patients and encourages them to join your trial, while adhering to the strict guidelines laid out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Getting creative within these confines can be a challenge, but with the right research and strategy, your ads can strike the appropriate balance. Read more

How to Find New Asthma Drug Trials

Around 25 million people live with asthma in the United States – 8% of the population. More than a third of adults with asthma miss work because of symptoms in a given year. It's clear that people with asthma whose symptoms aren't well controlled on their current medications have a need for new options. Read more

7 Clinical Trial Advertising Do's and Don'ts

A major challenge in clinical trial advertising is being creative in your outreach materials while following FDA guidelines. While it can take more time and research to craft copy within such narrow parameters, it is definitely possible to engage patients without breaking the rules. Read more

Liver Disease Research Round-Up: August 2018

Liver disease affects 3.1 million people living in the United States. The most common causes of liver failure include hepatitis B and C, long-term alcohol consumption, and cirrhosis. Research is investigating better treatments for a variety of liver diseases, as well as the mechanisms in the body that lead to liver disease. Read more

How to Save Time with a Clinical Trial Recruitment Plan Template

Clinical trial patient recruitment is a time-consuming, pricy, and critical part of getting a new trial off the ground. The idea of spending more time to create a detailed plan in advance may not sound particularly appealing, but using a template can actually speed up recruitment timelines in the long run. Read more

How to Increase Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

There are several ways to increase patient recruitment in your clinical trials, from improving your outreach materials, to better communicating with patients, to working with partners to make the right connections. But the first step is to figure out why your outreach efforts aren't working in the first place. From there, you can find the solution that has the best chance of attracting more ... Read more

How to Reach the Right Patients in Clinical Trial Advertising

Digital advertising can be a powerful way to reach patients. After all, 2 billion people in the world use Facebook every day, and 80% of internet users have searched for health-related information online. But it can be challenging to reach the right patient populations through digital outreach, particularly taking trial-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria into account. Read more

How to Create a Clinical Trial Recruitment Plan [Template]

Clinical trial patient recruitment brings specific challenges to research sites and marketing teams starting a campaign. With so many guidelines, chances are you already feel restricted in how you can share your trial with patients. Plus, running tests and trying new approaches are the cornerstones of effective marketing. But with patient recruitment, you have to submit all of your outreach ... Read more

How Access to Health Data Drives Patient Empowerment: A Recap of FasterCure’s Recent Webinar

Last week, we had the pleasure of listening in to an important webinar hosted by FasterCures called “The Game-Changing Impact of Empowering Patients with Health Data.” Moderated by FasterCures’ Executive Director, Tanisha Carino, the online panel discussed the importance of patient access to health data, while walking through potential privacy concerns and other pitfalls that accompany access. On ... Read more