How Protocol Complexity is Impacting Patient Recruitment

Medicine is advancing every day, and treatments are becoming more and more precise. This is, of course, good news for patients in need of new and different treatment options. But as treatments become more targeted, so do clinical trials. It can feel like it’s never been more difficult to recruit patients to take part in clinical trials than it is today. Read more

Antidote’s Laurent Schockmel Recognized as a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer

We’re thrilled to share that our CEO, Laurent Schockmel, has been named a top 40 Healthcare Transformer by Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M). This honor is given to visionaries driving innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology, and it’s exciting to see Laurent in such great company. Laurent took the helm as CEO of Antidote in 2018 with the objective of harnessing our technology ... Read more

You Searched for a Clinical Trial. Now What?

At Antidote, we talk a lot about how our search tool makes it easier to match with clinical trials you may qualify for. But what happens after you conduct your search? Read more

It’s a Promising Time for Parkinson’s Disease Research – Here’s Why

It's an exciting time to consider participating in Parkinson's research, says Katie Kopil, PhD, Director of Research Partnerships at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (MJFF). Read more

Pre-Recruitment Research: The Groundwork for Precision Recruitment

Antidote recently conducted a survey with SCORR Marketing through which we asked nearly 4,000 patients about their perspectives on clinical trials. One key finding: patients with different conditions have different opinions on taking part in medical research. For example, in the survey, people with melanoma were joining clinical trials to extend their own lives, while those with lupus or kidney ... Read more

Webinar: Precision Recruitment for Faster and More Patient-Centric Recruitment

Last week we distributed a white paper on precision recruitment, a new approach that not only speeds up clinical trial recruitment, but also provides a better patient experience throughout the recruitment process. Now, we're inviting you to join a webinar on March 28th at 12pm, during which we will be diving deeper into this topic. Read more

7 Things You Need to Know If You Have Multiple Sclerosis

A multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis can feel overwhelming and isolating, especially if you don't know anyone else living with MS. While the neurodegenerative disease involves challenging symptoms, knowing what to expect and what resources you have available can help. Read more

How the American Kidney Fund Connects Patients with Research

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the top-ten causes of death in the United States – but 96% of people in its early stages don't even know they have it. Read more

Precision Recruitment: An Innovative Approach to Faster and More Patient-Centric Trial Recruitment [White Paper]

With medicine getting ever more targeted and precise, clinical trial protocols are becoming more complex than ever before. While this allows for appropriate evaluation of potential treatment options, it also means that finding patients to take part in trials is increasingly challenging, and the need to look beyond traditional methods of recruitment has become clear. Read more

In Clinical Trials, What Matters to Patients Varies by Condition Area

During a Q3 2018 survey conducted by Antidote Technologies and SCORR Marketing, we explored specific participation stimuli to determine what could make patients consider participating in a clinical trial – and how these motivations varied by condition area. Read more