5 Clinical Trial Advertising Services to Boost Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment companies offer a range of advertising services that can help speed up enrollment for your trial. While some trial sponsors, research sites, and CROs opt for full-service offerings from recruitment agencies, you may also choose support for a particular element of your campaign. For example, a research site or CRO may have one team create ad copy but need support with campaign management, or a drug sponsor may work with a company to expand reach through a partner network. Consider using one or several of these services to support your next campaign.

Campaign management and optimization.

When done well, running ads on platforms like Facebook and Google is a full-time job. For best results, marketers will closely track how their chosen audiences are responding to their ads and make adjustments throughout a campaign. Often, marketers will run several different tests before settling on the best-performing ad and targeting. As a trial moves forward and recruiters are able to learn more about whether or not patients take the next step to participate, they can further adjust their ads. Clinical trial advertising agencies may also have access to lookalike audiences or other proprietary data that can help them reach the right patients for your trial.

A recruitment company can also help you choose advertising channels and how patients will be targeted on each channel, from choosing interests and user behaviors, to specific keywords. The agency can use creative materials you provide, or use their own, to recommend the best placements for your ads, both online and through radio spots, billboards, and other traditional media.

Landing page or pre-screener creation.

In addition to providing ad copy and design, some recruitment companies will also create dedicated landing pages to tell patients more about your trial and guide them to the next step. You may choose to have patients answer a few questions online to begin the screening process, or direct patients to call a research site near them or send an email to learn more.

Design development.

Quality design can make a significant impact on your campaign performance. Consistent design between your ads and landing page, for example, can help create an easy-to-follow journey for patients interested in joining your trial. Even small changes like choosing images that reflect your patient population can help improve ad performance, in Antidote's experience.

"In my opinion, choosing the right design is more science than art. If the images you've chosen for your campaign are not rooted in patient research and do not evolve with A/B testing, then your images are wrong," says David Tindell, Antidote Digital Marketing Manager.

Enlisting the help of professionals experienced in this science can help improve your campaign results.


In clinical trial patient recruitment, ad copy should engage patients while following strict IRB and FDA guidelines. It can be a tricky balance to strike, and making multiple submissions to an IRB because your materials aren't compliant can slow your trial timeline. Working with an experienced clinical trial advertising agency can help. A quality agency will also provide plenty of copy options for a range of ad placements and tests so your team can optimize your campaign.

Partnership support.

Clinical trial recruitment companies can also offer access to additional outreach options beyond traditional ad platforms. Health nonprofits, patient advocates, and community groups may have relationships with clinical trial recruitment companies to help your trial reach niche groups of patients and connect through in-person events or other personalized approaches.

If you're interested in using any of these services for your trial, download our case studies to learn more about us, and we'll be in touch about how we may help.