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How Access to Health Data Drives Patient Empowerment: A Recap of FasterCure’s Recent Webinar

Last week, we had the pleasure of listening in to an important webinar hosted by FasterCures called “The Game-Changing Impact of Empowering Patients with Health Data.” Moderated by FasterCures’ Executive Director, Tanisha Carino, the online panel discussed the importance of patient access to health data, while walking through potential privacy concerns and other pitfalls that accompany access. On ... Read more

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Case Study: Alzheimer's Disease

Clinical trial patient recruitment can be difficult for Alzheimer's disease trials, particularly for prodromal Alzheimer's. Increasingly, sponsors are turning to Alzheimer's patient registries for help. Here, we'll share an Alzheimer's registry recruitment case study that demonstrates the need for community engagement and precision matching for these types of projects. Read more

Glimpsing a World Without Clinical Trials

While you’re at the pharmacy picking up a medication you’ve been prescribed, you might not be thinking about all of the research that went into making that treatment available to you. On average, it takes at least ten years for a new medicine to make it to market, and six to seven of those years involve clinical trials. It’s important to understand all that goes into developing drugs, so that you ... Read more

BIO Recap: Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Advocacy

BIO International Conference happened earlier this month in Boston. Antidote was there among more than 45,000 attendees to network, share ideas, learn new technologies, and be inspired. It’s a conference that fosters collaboration between top industry players and advocacy organizations alike, on a massive scale. Read more

From Research Studies to Your Pharmacy Shelves: The Drug Development Process

When you’re feeling sick and your doctor prescribes you medication, you’re likely not thinking about everything that happened before that drug got into your hands. But the fact is that on average, it takes at least ten years for a new medicine to make it to market — from initial discovery to your local pharmacy. Of those ten years of drug development, the treatment is making its way through ... Read more

Relentless Health Value Podcast: How Being Patient-Centric, Not Trial-Centric, Can Improve Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention

The clinical trial landscape is shifting — but is it enough? Antidote’s Founder, Pablo Graiver, was recently interviewed for the Relentless Health Value podcast to discuss this fundamental question. Read more

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American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Shares How Patients Find Their Clinical Trial Match

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) recently published a whitepaper detailing different approaches to clinical trial matching, and providing examples of each. The paper notes that 66% of cancer patients find their clinical trials through their physician or a staff member working on the clinical trial, while just 6% found a trial through self-service matching services, and ... Read more

Highlights from the #ResearchStories Twitter Chat

Yesterday was Clinical Trials Day. As part of an early celebration, we hosted a Twitter chat last Friday about the role of storytelling in amplifying patient voices in research. Thanks to all the organizations and individuals who joined! We’re sharing some highlights below. Read more

For Clinical Trials Day, A Celebration of Patient Stories

You may have noticed that for the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing quite a few patient, researcher, and partner stories here at Antidote. That’s because we believe that accelerating medical research is more than clinical trial matching; patients also need to be educated on the importance of research and inspired to take part. And who better to do that than other patients? Read more

And on Mondays They Dance: Love in the Face of Alzheimer's

It all started with a phone call. Sandy, in tears, called Ira, her husband of over 30 years. She told him that she couldn’t find the Pilates studio where she practiced for years. It was a trip she had taken from their apartment in New York City countless times. The following week, they made an appointment with a neurologist. Soon after, Sandy would be given a diagnosis of mild cognitive ... Read more